About TOCO

Collaborating Made Easy

Web Based

  • You can access your ToC from any computer that has an internet connection.
  • Users can create, share and use Theories of Change in a secure environment.

  • Relational Nature

    Shows the relational nature of all the TOC elements (click on an outcome to see its indicators, click on an arrow to see the rationale for why one outcome is a precondition to another...)

    Powerful New Graphics

  • Select-copy-paste
  • Canvas size choices
  • Fonts, font size and color choice
  • Different shapes
  • Line weight and color choices

  • Appropriate Versions

    Provides the ability to produce versions of theories appropriate for different audiences, such as boards, funders, constituents, partners or decision-makers. TOCO makes it possible to view, compare, and edit the many layers of a theory intuitively and efficiently.

    Group and Teamwork

  • Set up and manage working groups
  • Set permissions of different members for different TOCs, share ToC files.
  • Interactive Database

  • Stores the elements of a ToC: indicators, outcome definitions, interventions, rationales, etc.

  • See how TOCO 3.0 works below:


    • Unlike Visio and many other flow chart programs, TOCO is explicitly designed for theory of change and therefore allows you to develop not only the outcome pathway but use the rationales, indicators, and interventions features interactively to strengthen and corroborate the evolving logic of the pathway.
    • Unlike other Theory of Change software, TOCO has no downloads, keeps a full database, archival copies, allows comments right on the ToC and much more. Compare for yourself.
    • TOCO is not just a drawing program but a database that stores information on all the components of a ToC.
    • Everything in one place: With TOCO there's no need to purchase and learn cumbersome drawing programs.
    • Provide users with a database in which to store the detailed information involved in creating a good theory, such as narratives, outcome definitions, indicators, interventions, etc., and portray the relational nature of all the elements of their work (e.g. if one outcome changes, or circumstances change, what else changes?)
    • Easy collaboration: TOCO for Teams provides users with the ability to invite partners and stakeholders to log on, open up a particular theory, and make comments.
    • Cost-effective M&E tool for consultants and organizations.


    • Designed for individual practitioners and consultants
    • Interactive, intuitive, user-friendly software
    • Upgraded graphic features such as select-copy-paste, font and color choices, canvas backgrounds and image upload

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